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Fractional General Counsel

The Law Office of John J. Cooney, P.C., serves as a fractional General Counsel to a diverse group of private and publicly traded companies in the Northport area. My firm provides clients with flexible hours to suit the legal services required.

Dial (631) 949-2626 to speak with a representative today.

Fractional General Counsel Services

Have a lawyer on hand when you need one. The Law Office of John J. Cooney, P.C. has developed a fractional general counsel platform to provide clients with the flexibility their business needs. I partner with small to large companies, both with and without existing in-house counsel, to aid in a wide variety of legal matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Cybersecurity and data privacy

  • Digital media law

  • Defense and compliance

  • Negotiating and drafting contracts

  • Handling employment matters


Benefit from an attorney that is intimately familiar with your internal operations and external relationships without expending valuable full-time resources. With an outside GC structure, my firm exists to make navigating corporate legal issues straightforward and cost-effective.

Meet Your Fractional Attorney

My firm sets itself apart for the superior caliber of communication it offers. I recognize that your legal needs vary day by day and month by month. When you need legal advice, you need it immediately. That’s why I provide my clients with 24/7 availability. My communication lines are always wide open—contact me via telephone, email, or virtual video conferencing. My firm is a modern-day office with responsive, 21st-century solutions to suit your ongoing, changing legal needs.

I believe that as a General Counsel, my obligation goes beyond assisting with mere legal technicalities. I leverage 15 years of managerial experience in several Fortune 200 companies. I bring a forward-thinking, business-minded approach to my legal duties that protects my clients’ interests both in the present and the future.

Why Choose Fractional Legal Counsel

Enlisting the service of a fractional General Counsel comes with a host of cost-saving advantages over the traditional in-house counsel or outsourcing model. I offer my legal guidance to companies with unmatched flexibility, typically offering blocks of time ranging from four to fourteen hours—whatever is needed to resolve your legal matter.

If you’re seeking general counsel services on an on-demand basis, I invite you to contact me with your inquiry. Based on your specific legal needs, I will supply an accurate fee structure and estimate for your budgeting consideration.

On-Site or Remote Counsel

Depending on the intricacies of the project at hand, I am available to work on-site, remotely, or a combination of both. I will partner with your existing legal counsel to create an extended team with seamless and strengthened legal expertise.

Outside General Counsel

Take advantage of a certified, seasoned attorney on an as-needed basis. Pay for the time you need, and not an hour more. The Law Office of John J. Cooney, P.C., is at your service for fractional counsel services in the Northport area.

Have an inquiry? I’d love to hear from you. Contact me at (631) 949-2626 today.



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