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Pre-Litigation Investigations, Defense, Compliance

The Law Office of John J. Cooney, P.C. is an established law firm that assists businesses with skillful and ardent defense against regulatory legal matters. Achieve and maintain full compliance with a certified attorney by your side.

Consult with a lawyer today at (631) 949-2626.

Compliance and Defense Law Firm

Today’s marketplace is a highly regulated environment. Professionals in all industries are governed by stringent statutes, regulations, and rules. If neglected, your business could face serious non-compliance charges by state and federal authorities.

My firm exists to provide clients with strategic advice and representation in regulatory defense law. My counseling services protect businesses against investigations and prosecution of a regulatory nature. I will partner with you to develop and integrate enhanced corporate accountability and a compliance program with due diligence. I also provide vigorous representation for alleged violations and enforcement actions and handle internal and government investigations.

Regulatory and Compliance Counseling

I routinely provide counsel to my corporate clients in a spectrum of industries. My goal is to educate and equip clients to safeguard themselves against the potential civil and criminal consequences of commonplace business transactions, from expansions to mergers and acquisitions. With my deep understanding of a full suite of practice areas, I help organizations create and incorporate effective and thorough compliance programs unique to their industry. As a former business professional, I exercise laser-focused energy to forge innovative compliance, structure, and management solutions for my clients. With newfound clarity and insight, you, and your business, will be better positioned to achieve your long-term goals in a compliant fashion and face the future and its evolving legal landscape.

Defense and Investigations

With decades of trial experience to its name, The Law Office of John J. Cooney, P.C. is uniquely qualified to defend your case in federal and state courts. Throughout the regulatory process, I will direct your legal strategy and defend you against prosecution and penalties. In my extensive legal background as a defense lawyer, I have favorably settled matters out of court and successfully tried cases in court.

Consult with a Compliance Attorney

At my law firm, I am wholly devoted to providing my clients with candid and thorough case reviews. I invite you to schedule a consultation with me, where I can sit down with you and discuss your legal needs one-on-one in a confidential setting.

As a competitive attorney, fierce negotiator, and tenacious advocate, I will thoroughly evaluate your situation and explain the possible legal proceedings in detail. You can expect me to explain your necessary actions in a forthright, sensitive manner. I deal with cases head-on to resolve them expediently.

Ask your questions and bring your concerns. The initial consultation is intended to be an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with my firm and its mission. Together, we’ll build mutual understanding and trust to move forward with your case in confidence.

Find Regulatory Defense Here

The Law Office of John J. Cooney, P.C., is Northport’s reputable source for top-tier regulatory defense services. I align with small and large businesses alike to develop customized compliance programs and tackle complex compliance investigations and actions.

To learn more about this practice, please call (631) 949-2626.



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